Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's A Wrap, Folks

After over 4 years in the blogosphere, I am announcing on behalf of myself and Q that we have jointly decided to close The Conservative Hipster.

We both felt it was important to continue to update on a regular basis and if we couldn't do it, then we'd hang it up. So we're giving up CH. Both of us have decided to move onto other online projects - I have started up a music blog and Q is busy contributing to money blogs.

To me, this space is important. When I first started this blog, it was the latest craze - the precursor to Facebook. Everyone and their mother created a blog, but very few actually kept on. In fact, I quit a few years back - and Q took up the reigns and kept CH relevant and interesting. He deserves my thanks for that.

Over the years, we had some great posts and some excellent achievements. We've gotten in a lot of scraps and caused lots of trouble. I lost track of the times people came up to me or e-mailed me and commented on our blog posts. We had traffic and readers many bloggers only dream of. I'm very proud of that.

But for me, it was never a popularity contest. It was always about having a medium to express my opinions. As you can see from my musings on John Tory, I was able to full express what was/is on my mind. And don't worry - I won't be some future candidate who has to quit over this here blog: I wrote how I felt then and I stand by it now.

I encourage all bloggers to keep doing what you're doing - you are truly the voice of democracy. It takes a huge effort to create and maintain a blog that offers opinion and ideas about our world. You offer the purest form of community dialogue we have. And it is an important role to play in society.

Again, on behalf of Q and I, I thank you for your readership, your comments and your time.


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