Monday, July 31, 2006

Need some help from my bilingual friends....

Would you say that these two sentences are identical:

"This model can only be inter connected with models G-6, G-18 or 406"


"Ce modele ne peut etre interconnecte qu'avec les modeles G-6, G-18 ou 406"

My french is only rudimentary and I admit that I do not have the grammar I need to properly convey my thoughts into french. However, am I missing something or does the "ne" in the second sentence mean "not" or does it mean "only" in this context.

I would appreciate some guidance as I am certain the unit I purchased is NOT compatible with the system I have, but the english sentence clearly says it can be.

It has caused me no end of grief this past week.



(oh, et merci)

UPDATE: Thanks to spitfire for the quick response. I now know that the french and english comments on the box are correct. So I am not upset about that. What I am upset about is upon opening the unit and reading the instructions, it says the exact opposite (in both french and english).

Friday, July 28, 2006

What has the world come to...

...when we can't even steal stuff over the internet anymore?

I never really used kazaa (found it too clumsy) and napster has sold out, so where do I get my free stuff any more.


Looks like this internet thing is here to stay.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Unversal Child Care Benefit (part 2)

So after my little rant yesterday, I am pleased to report said cheque arrived in my mailbox today. My wife was quick to point out that it is in her name and the aforementioned new driver is not on the list of family priorities (neither is beer, but I hold out hope for some popcorn.)

What to do with this new found windfall was the subject of dinner conversation. I am happy to save it, put it towards the kids RESP and parlay that $100 into $120 with the CESG. However, my better half has suggested it should be used for clothes and food.

My point is that we were going to buy food and clothes whether we got the money or not.

Is anyone out there going to use it on daycare?


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Universal Child Care Benefit

Okay, so I admit that I am a big fan of this program. I have a stay at home wife who looks after our two kids and the $200 per month is going to be helpful for us (I already have my eye on a new golf club).

However, rather than just add the money to the direct deposit, our buddies in Ottawa thought it would be cute to send out a cheque to everyone. That is great, but the cheques are now late.

In my particular case, it is no great hardship (unless you count the delay getting that driver is doing to my golf game). However, if you are a family that counts on the regular direct deposit month in and month out and all of a sudden it is not there, that can be a huge problem for some people.

I would be interested to know if anyone has experienced anything similar.

Q (out looking for some beer and popcorn)

Monday, July 24, 2006

MidEast Peace

I, like most reasonable people, would like to see peace in the middle east.

However, when one side is committed to the destruction of the other, I don't know how peace can be achieved by negotiation.

How can you sit down at a bargaining table and negotiate the point:

Hezzbolah: "We want the destrution of Israel"

Israel: "We want to exist"

Hezzbolah: "Well, okay then, we want to only destroy 90% of Israel"

Israel: "Well that is a little unreasonable, what say we consent to letting you destroy 20% of us"

Hezzbolah: "That is completely unacceptable, we cannot accept anything less than the destruction of 75% of Israel. AND we must destroy the part we can drive into the sea"

Israel: "Hold up there, we cannot live with 75% destruction. I think, best guess, on this go around we could consent to 25% destruction. "

UN Negotiator: 'We have the basis for an agreement. We will allow Hezzbolah to destroy 25% of Israel now, and we will create a special UN mission to determine the timetable for the destruction of the other 50%, leaving Israel with 25% by 2020."

All agree and shake hands.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Blogging in the Summer...

...I apologize for not being too verbose so far this July.

I took the first week off to spend some quality family time and then spent the past week getting caught back up at work.

There are lots of things going on in the world, but with the legislature and parliament not sitting, things seem a little quiet.

I am waiting with baited breath for the $200 cheque for having kids. I intend to by some Orville Reddinbockers and Molson Canadian. If I get to keep the CTSB as well, I might just splurge for some quality microbrewery beers.


It bugs me...

...when the dollars climb faster than the litres.


Friday, July 14, 2006

There is no reason...

...The speed limit on the 401 should not be 120 km/h.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Brave New World...

...this is fascinating.

It won't be long before I won't have to even get out of bed.


Why Multicuturalism is okay....

...once every four years as the World Cup comes around, I take great pride in the multicultural make up of Canada.

Think about it. No matter who won, there were going to be some happy Canadians.

All the flags around. I proudly displayed my England flag. Took some flack from Portugal supporting neighbours, but it was all in good fun.

One of the little known results of the World Cup Results is that Canada's rankings have jumped for the next World Cup from 83rd to 54th. Not to shabby.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My Local Liberal Rag... spouting off about how the GST cut really doesn't amount to much for the average person.

Whine, whine, whine, beat me, whip me, I am only happy when I am being taxed to death.

Can you imagine the outcry this same rag would have if we had raised the gst by 1%. The "pennies on the coffee" would be replaced by the $300 annual gouging of the low income taxpayers.

It is possible that I just hate people. Then I realize that it is just some people. Mostly it is people who write for small town weekly newspapers who think they know what is going on in the world when they don't know what is going on in their own town.



PS It has been brought to my attention that "Bite Me" may be an appropriate response to idiots in the world. It has also been brought to my attention that I have a potty mouth which is unfortunate for a local, small town politician. I have decided to resurrect the following terms from the 80's - Eat My Shorts (thank you Bart Simpson) and Smeg Off (Red Dwarf).

So to the latter mention above: Eat My Shorts and Smeg Off.

Questioning my credentials?

One thing I do love about the blogosphere is the self-appointed "keepers of the faith" who decide who and who is not "conservative" based on the comments on the blog.

Yesterday I admitted that I liked George S and am happy for him he is hosting The One. I think it is great when Canadian Talent gets to showcase itself to American Audiences.

I also like the fact that George is proudly Canadian and would rather do his own show here in Canada (albeit lefty and on the CBC) rather than chase the "big bucks" down south.

I admit I would be hard pressed to turn down big money and fame down south if it meant giving up my Canadian gig here. (see my money-grubbing conservative right wing side does come out)

So, for those who want to question my commitment to the cause, I have only two words:

Bite me



Tuesday, July 11, 2006

CBC has the One

So while I am completely PO'd that CBC is resorting to importing American television like "the one", I am pleasantly surprised that George will be hosting.

I have to admit that I despise this sort of crap. These "instant celebrity shows" (not just because I have never been asked to compete) and all these other "reality" shows are eating into excellent programming because they are cheap to produce and they appeal to the voyeuristic side of the great unwashed.

If CBC wants to import US style shows, why not some of their good ones that are getting cancelled south of the border. Examples..

I was a Wonderfalls fan. A brilliant, well written, hillarious show. Only to see it cancelled after four episodes and replaced with.......wait for it......"The Swan".

I was getting addicted to Mr. Sterling. Another smart show, only to see the idiots who run NBC cancel it after 5 shows and send it packing to be replaced by other crap.

I was just beginning to enjoy Commander in Chief only to have ABC pull the plug after one season.

I have decided that the first against the wall when the revolution comes will not be the marketing division of sirius cybernetics corporation, it will be Network Executives responsible for programming.

That is all.


Monday, July 10, 2006


The often overlooked consequence of global warming here.

Who knew the cost of global warming would ultimately include the reworking of our national motto.

I hang my head in shame for not being aware of this sooner.

Q out

Rested and Relaxed...

...after a week of holidays.

Now back to the real world.

While I was out of touch, I hear there was some kerfuffal about the cheque exchange idea and how we (Tories) were screwing the taxpayers while they (Liberals) were screwing the taxpayers but a little more blatantly.

The cheque exchange idea is not new. Our riding associations have been doing something for several years. If there is no receipt for the convention, our riding association would offer to pay for delegates food, travel and lodging for a convention (perfectly allowable under the law). Since we are all good Tories and don't want to our funds depleted, we would offer to make a donation in an amount similar to what the convention cost us.

The riding association would then issue a tax receipt for the donation.

So, for example, the riding association would make a motion to pay for certain expenses for the convention for each recogonized delegate - perfectly legal

The delegate would keep receipts for food, lodging and travel - perfectly legal

The delegate, upon his or her return, would submit his receipts for reimbursement by the local riding association - perfectly legal

The riding association would then issue an expense cheque out of their funds to cover the costs - perfectly legal

The delegate (out of the goodness of his/her heart) would then issue a donation in an amount not dissimilar to the amount paid - perfectly legal

The delegate would then get a receipt for the donation - perfectly legal

Which is why we in the Tory party say if you have done 6 perfectly legal things today, come join our party.

Are taxpayers subsidizing our lifestyles? Yes.

Is it legal? Yes.

If we have a problem with it, we should change the political donation rules so that the tax credit is a tax deduction and that the bonus for donating to political parties and riding associations is reduced or eliminated.

In the meantime, stop whining.


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