Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Green Conservatives Redux

Paul Holmes over at Conservatismcanada makes a point about how is it possible to be conservative and a conservationalist.

I consider myself one who believes in sound environmentalist policies. This is not being a left leaning greeny, it is simply being selfish. I want clean air and water for me and my children.

Even our friend, Preston Manning, gets it.

As Green Plan II developes, the link between sound environmental policies and good conservative prinicples is easier to draw than most think.

I think there are some votes to be found in the environmental field that would like to vote for the conservatives as they actually have a chance to form government

In the meantime, a true conservative conservationalist will find a way to profit from sound environmental policies. And so I begin work on my next business venture.


Monday, August 28, 2006

Does anyone know...

...why the guy challenging Rob Anders was disqualified?

I only ask because good friends of mine in Calgary are questioning our party's position as a grassroots level organization if someone was disqualified. I don't know the details, wondered if anyone else does?


Friday, August 25, 2006

For anyone interested...

...Calgary Grit has the most non-scientifc scientific breakdown of the liberal leadership race so far.

From what I know about Calgary Grit, I would not bet against these numbers.


Monday, August 21, 2006

Back in Town

So I have returned (recovered, surely - ed.) from my trip to our Nation's capital after having spent a few days of fun at the Annual General Meeting of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario.

The big highlight: Dalton McGuinty appoints a Who Does What and Who is going to Pay for It review of municipal/provincial services.

The big lowlight: The review will take 18 months and be ready just after the next provincial election. Implementation will be about the time we municipal guys are up for reelection, so we can take the hit if it all goes to hell in a handbasket.

If the Liberals really wanted to do this, they should just dust off David Crombies report (the one he did for Mike Harris) and implement the parts that Harris wouldn't (i.e. upload social service program spending while letting municipalities pay for the cost of operating it).

My personal highlight was walking out of Parliment Hill after a reception with Ontario PC MP's hosted by Jim Flaherty, Tony Clement et al... and holding the door open for the guy coming out behind us. Turns out to be Jim Flaherty. No bodyguard. No staff. Just a guy heading out after a long day at work. He walked down the Hill with us discussing a couple of things and then said good night and walked one way while we went off in search of more beer. I had a chance to thank him for my $200 and let him know that while it wasn't spent on beer, we certainly had purchased a large supply of microwave popcorn. He was sympathetic to my need for a new driver and said he would issue a regulation that would force golf widows to accept new drivers with minimial complaining. (I am waiting with baited breath).

Now, I just can't imagine Paul Martin, when he was finance minister being that open and available. I stand to be corrected, but I don't really care.

More stuff to come (my meeting with John Tory, the Minister (prov) of Agriculture and our little get together with the MNR.

Q out

Friday, August 11, 2006

Gone Fission

...be back next week.

Q out (of town).

Mideast Pieces

I have generally avoided comments on the mideast because, in fairness, I cannot appreciate what people there are going through.

The ongoing hatred felt by people on both sides of the conflict is never going to be resolved by UN resolutions or military might.

A colleague of mine came up with a slightly biased question when he asked "when did it become okay to bomb women and children?" He was referring to the Israeli attacks on civilian targets where Hezzbolah is firing rockets from.

My response was:

"If you are firing rockets at my family from your house. And you live there with your wife and kids, I would have no hesitation in using every means at my disposal to ensure that you stopped firing rockets at my family, even if that meant destroying the house with you and your family in it. The safety of my family comes first."

My friends thought this was a little harsh and cold blooded. I think I would be justified.

I only say : think of this scenario and what would you do?

There are no good wars.

(with the following exceptions: The American Revolution, World War II and the Star Wars Trilogy).


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

G.I. Joe

G.one I.ndependent Joe Liebermen

I think anyone should be able to run as an independent.

But either you believe in the party system, or you don't.

If you don't, you shouldn't have wasted anyone's time contesting the nomination.

In the meantime, I think he could act as spoiler and allow the Republicans to win this seat.

Go Joe. You are the real american hero.

Q out.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Development Arrested

So I finally saw all the episodes of Arrested Development in order.

Man, what a great show this was. Damn you Fox, damn you all to hell.

My favourite scene:

Scott Baio as Lawyer Bob Loblaw (say that name out loud) replace Henry Winkler as the family lawyer.

Bob Loblaw has a blog.

Bob Loblaw's Law Blog (say that out loud).

What a shame.


Comma Chameleon

This little mishap and the subsequent cancelling of the contract leaves me to believe that:

1) Aliant is run by a bunch of weasels who knew they were going to pull this crap; and

2) The CRTC should be replaced immediately by people with a little common sense.

Surely an introductory clause or explanation at the beginning of the contract would have clearly outlined the fact that the deal was for 5 years and that after that, the deal could be terminated with one year's notice. You don't sit down and negotiate stuff like this without commenting something along the lines of "after the first 5 year period, we can then renew, but you can terminate the new period with one year's notice."

Sometimes the legalese gets in the way of common sense.


Friday, August 04, 2006

Thought Crime

I took some time last night to try to catch up on the pile of Macleans that seem to appear on my desk every week.

I came across an article by Barbara Amiel regarding the terrorist arrests in Toronto. The gist of it (and I apologize for poor paraphrasing, but it was pretty late last night) is that until a crime is actually committed with intent, has a crime been committed. In other words, if you think about a crime can you or should you be arrested.

Personally I hope not. Some of the darker thoughts that cross my mind as I read various newspapers and listen to ridiculous delegations at council meetings would be enough to have me arrested.

Barbara also comments on whether entrapment or stings are a valid form of police action, whether it be posing as prostitutes to catch johns, posing as addicts to catch dealers, or posing as fertilizer salesmen to catch terrorists.

My thoughts are this:

As soon as you begin discussing a plan to commit a crime with others with the full intention of carrying it out at some future point, surely "conspiracy" becomes a real point, whether it be over the internet or in person.

If you purchase materials (real or not) from a supplier (real or not) to commit a crime you have already conspired to commit at some future point, surely "intent" is established.

I am generally law-abiding (generally, because I have, in the past, violated certain posted speed limits, exceeded my hourly allotment of parking and crossed the road contrary to posted signs and warnings), but I have had dark thoughts about inflicting bodily harm on others. I have not discussed particulars with others in a chat room, I have not purchased materials and weapons to commit said crimes and I have not spent hours in the backwoods of Ontario practicing the use of said weapons.

I think our law enforcement officials need the tools to be able to stop bad things before they happen. Crime prevention is more important than catching the criminals after the fact.


PS Sorry if this is a little heavy for a Friday, but I didn't get a lot of sleep last night.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wait Times Guarantee

Now that Paul Wells has persuaded others to start asking about the wait times guarantee, here is my humble solutions:

1) Accept the report that is forthcoming about maximum wait times (I.e time from diagnosis to treatment)

2) Set up a system whereby anyone who is diagnosised, but does not receive treatment can call a number to book the treatment in the US.

3) Calculate the bill for the service, incuding travel expenses.

4) Deduct the amount from that province's health transfer the following year.

Easy enough.

Free advice for Tony Clement, but I don't think he takes it from anyone he isn't paying $300 per hour for.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Adapt and Overcome

Yesterday, someone challenged me to be more specific about how mankind can adapt and overcome global warming:

One example here - via bourque.org

At church every couple of months, those who wish to help the third world regularly berate corporations and the west for providing Genetically Modified crops to the third world.

I guess if I was a third world farmer, experiencing year after year of drought, I would probably prefer to starve.

Lord save us from those with good intentions.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Green Plan II

(Or How I learned to stop worrying and love global warming)

The environmental debate has been hijacked by Kyoto and Global Warming.

I am not one who is concerned about Global Warming. While Global Warming may make changes to our lifestyles, flood our cities and devestate our crops, Global Warming in and of itself is easy enough to overcome. There are many climates warmer than that of Canada now and mankind survives and adapts. Different crops can be grown and adapted to the weather. And personally, there are a few cities that need to be flooded out.

The real problem with the environment is how many chemicals and contaminates we allow into the air. Carbon Dioxide will not kill you. VOCs and PFCs and all those other lovely chemicals that are dumped legally and within current limits are what will kill us and poison us and basically make life unbearable. It is these chemicals that cause smog, not greenhouse gasses.

It is my sincere hope that Green Plan II takes a good hard look at these problems, introduces mandatory filtration (activated carbon, bioredux filters, etc) to actually tackle the real problem.

There is a demographic out there that supports environmental protection. They do not usually vote conservative. If I was Stephen Harper or John Tory, I would actively recruit Jim Harris (former leader of the Green Party), appoint him to a caucus task force on the environment, develop a plan of action to deal with the poisons and chemicals we dump legally into our air and water, and get him to run under our banner in the next election. It should be made clear that should he win, he would automatically become Environment Minister.

If they didn't already have my vote, they would certainly get it.


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