Monday, September 25, 2006

Joe Volpe's announcement...

...Will probably arrive while I am flying over the Great Plains.

My personal opinion is that I don't mind dead people being on the membership lists provided two conditions are met:

First, their membership dues are paid, and

Second I honestly don't think they should be allowed to vote.

This second point is of particular importance to me because I don't think the dead have the same interests and appreciation for the issues facing the living.

I hate to be called a dead-ist, but that's just they way I feel.

Q out and up and away.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Headed to Conservative Country..

...big trip to Calgary.

I will be back mid-week, but while I am away I will try blackberry blogging and see if it works.


Friday, September 22, 2006

Vegetative States... I have to admit, I have been watching more TV than I should lately as the new shows become available.

Yes there is lots of federal/provincial and municipal politics that I could comment on, but...

Studio 60 looks like it is going to be the one to beat. For those who liked that witty "west wing banter", you should like this one. Most of the cast and cameos are from West Wing places which leads me to ask: Does Aaron Sorkin only know 20 people in Hollywood, or what.

Shark started off great, but I felt the James Woods character mellowed too quickly, so the conflict that would make this show great is going to look kind of forced from now on.

My wife is loving Greys Anatomy, but like ER, I find those operating scenes just a little too realistic.

Looking forward to Smith next. And if it lives up to expectations, I will be able to program my PVR and get back to real political commentary.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Getting my daily chuckle

My daily laugh now includes this guy.

While some may think it strange that I would add him to my daily blog role, you gotta know he had to have a sense of humour :-)


Friday, September 15, 2006

I have become one of those whiny guys...

...and I hate myself for it.

But with being challenged, I check the town website regularly to see if anyone else is coming out of the woodwork. And I noticed that my name was last and thought to myself with there only being three candidates and everyone getting to make two choices, that left me out in the cold.

I don't think ballot position should make a difference, especially with an incumbent, especially with a name like QUIRK, if you have done a good job, if you have run a good campaign, people should know how to vote for you.

However, I found myself reciting the ballot to make sure Q actually came after S and lo and behold, it doesn't. Q comes first. The town clerk had made a mistake.

So I felt relief which is odd for someone who doesn't care about ballot position :-)

In the end, the clerk said she would correct it.

So until Amanda ADAMSON and Billy Bob BENSON file their papers, I remain in the number two spot.

Whiny policital wannabe Q out

Oh, and just for the record, I was last on the ballot last election and got the most votes, so maybe I have just jinxed myself. Damn, didn't think of that.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Had a chance to see the pilot for Jericho. I think I will add it to my favourites.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Battle of Cultures

Last night I had an interesting dinner conversation with someone I hold in high regard.

The comments sprang from 9/11 and Afghanistan and why were we there...etc..

My dinner partner essentially had adopted a live and let live approach to world politics. I.e. they want to have an islamic regime, or they want to live under communist rule let them.

The gist was "How can we impose our culture or way of thinking on the rest of the world?"

I pointed out two flaws with this logic:

1) Live and Let Live only applies if the other guys are game. 9/11 and a slew of radical islamic terrorist bombings around the world pretty much imply that they are of the Live and Send your enemies to be judged by Allah as soon as possible camp.

2) You assume that this "they" of whom you speak actually want to live under these conditions.

I then added I felt our "western liberal" culture was superior for the following reasons:

1) We have the rule of law that treats all persons equally under the law.
2) We have freedom of religion. No one is being persecuted (by the state) because they do not follow the teachings of one or the other.
3) We have freedom of speech (and while sometimes I wish we could shut some people up, this is fundamental) and will not be prosecuted by the state for expressing opinions (except where such opinions are slanderous or libel to another person)
4) Ultimately, we are about tolerance. The state does not forbid one part of society from enjoying the freedoms any other part does. While this has been hard fought (minorities and women), and continues to evolve (i.e. gays), it is generally accepted that the state is not going to deny rights based on your race, creed, beliefs or religion.

That is why I think our culture is better. It is made better by the diversity we embrace.

Q (feeling pretty self-righteous on a gloomy Tues morning)

PS Election update: democracy will prevail in my ward. It seems my ward-mate and I are being challenged in the upcoming election. I remain cautiously optimistic at my chances for reelection, but I can appreciate why dictators run their countries the way they do.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Parlay voos de fransays, anyone?

So I am the first to admit that my comprehension of our other official language is less than perfect. I will also admit that my grasp of the official language I speak is less than perfect.

However, it is nice when you read this and think back to the days when the self-righteous liberals would laugh and mock Mr. Mannings attempt to speak French.

I am not currently running for the leadership of a major political party in Canada, but about 10 years before I even consider it, I will start taking French lessons as a matter of courtesy to the several million voters who I would like to be able to communitcate with.


Friday, September 08, 2006

Ready to waste away my time..

...I have decided that there are quite a few new TV shows coming out that I am interested in seeing. However, since all of them seem to conflict with meeting nights, I might have to invest in a PVR or whatever it is you kids are calling VCRs these days.

Jericho looks morbid. Eureka is quite excellent. Shark looks good, and because of my double life, I think Smith might resonate as well.

My problem is I don't want to commit too much time to these shows because they get you interested and then cancel them out from under you, but if I don't invest the time, they don't get the ratings and then they get cancelled. It is a serious catch 22.

Maybe I'll just wait for the survivors (no not Survivor) and buy the DVDs

Have a great weekend,

Q out

Thursday, September 07, 2006

So Football isn't David Millers thing..

...neither is it mine. I go to the occasional Ti Cat game when invited and I watch Buffalo lose on the odd, snowy Sunday if the kids are napping, but I will admit without hesitation that I am no football guy.

However, I would like to see a NFL team in Toronto.

If for no other reason than it might increase my odds in my local football pool as I might actually pay attention to who is who.

And yes, I belong to a football pool. But if you think it is tough being a conservative blogger, try belonging to a football pool with rabid fans.

I participate in this pool because a buddy of mine from university invited me trying to fill up his roster and this is my 8th year. I consistently lose. In fact, those who play me consider me the bye week or a guaranteed win. No money on it, just bragging rights and as it stands now in life, I have more to brag about than the other losers in the pool, so I am happy to throw them a bone once in a while.

However, controversy abounds because I traded the number one WR for some solid D players an a mediocre RB (for those who are as football illiterate as I - WR = wide recieve, D = defense and RB = running back and from what I gather the WR occasionaly recieves the ball, the D provides some sort of defensive capabilities to the game and the RB will do some sort of running from time to time).

All I had to base my decision was on the point scoring system set up and probabilities for scoring those points (while I may not be too good with football, I do generally get my math right).

So I accepted a trade and all hell has broken loose.

People are feeling sorry for me and berating the guy who "took advantage of me" which bugs me even more.

I have decided that if they disallow the trade, I am going to bench all my players for the season.

What is the point of all this:

Oh yeah, a couple of the guys are screaming, rabid liberals who are laughing at our claim to be a "grass roots" party when our candidates for nomination have to sue to be allowed to run. Total BS in my opinion and maybe we need to rethink or at least publish why candidates are disqualified.


Welcome back...

...I was almost set to believe that he had lost interest in blogging, but as my coffee flew out my nose this morning, I was happy and laughing again. "Olivia Chow encouraged by talks" - my but that guy is funny.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Deja vu..

...for my conservative British friends.

We feel you pain.


NB Election Talk..

...for those who are interested, The Sorry Centrist has been keeping track of BS spewed by the Liberal Leader in NB.

After reading this article, I would be worried, but TSC has things well in hand and I am sure we would get an update if Bernie is really in trouble.

and it is stuff like this that keeps me coming back to the Calgary Grit. Bart is truly a funny guy. It is nice to see a liberal with a sense of humour (but being a Liberal in Alberta, that must be a prerequisite.)


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

24 days...

...until I find out if I am acclaimed or not.

The unofficial municipal campaign starts now. (The official one since Jan 1st).

Currently I am unopposed, but everyone has until Sept 29th to file their nomination papers.

I will keep you posted. While I am a big proponent of democracy, I would rather be acclaimed.

Labour Day has come and gone so two things:

1) Kids are back at school, so drive safe; and

2) No more white pants

(a service message from your friendly, neighbourhood Conservative Hipster).


Friday, September 01, 2006

Brilliant but cancelled... is Friday before a long weekend.

My energy level is low, despite my trip to the gym.

The weather is suppose to be crap this weekend.


head over to www.brilliantbutcancelled. com and download "The Jake Effect". Jason Batemen made this show but only six episodes were made.

Again, I reiterate, the TV programming decision makers are first against the wall when the revolution comes.

Have a great labour day weekend.

My back-to-school promise is to begin regular blogs about relevant stuff come Tuesday.

(of course this is in the same vein as previous back-to-school promises which included "perfect attendance" -- lasted two days, "one notebook per class" -- lasted 4 hours, "no skipping classes", lasted 1 week.)


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