Tuesday, May 31, 2005


If not now, when?

Poll is down and to the right (of course).


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Monday, May 30, 2005


You might have seen that a recent CBC poll has found that a record number of Canadians do not trust politicians. We all knew it was true, but (at least for me) never to this extent.

There is no question that the lies spouted out by FIBerals like Dalton McGuinty and Paul Martin are eating into public confidence in elected officials. Both men were elected with significantly high expectations and have absolutely failed to deliver.

But you know why CH thinks the level of distrust is so high? Because politicians, pundits, staff and hacks keep talking strategy. What do I mean by "talking strategy"? I mean that when we (political folk) are asked for comment on an item, we tell them WHY we're doing what we're doing.

Case in point is a recent interview by CPC House Leader Jay Hill. When asked about whether the Tories will bring down the government during the upcoming opposition days, he has this to say:

"As long as we have this loaded gun sitting there, they're going to have to take it seriously," Hill said in an interview. "The minute I say to you, or to anybody, 'We're definitely not going to even try a non-confidence motion,' then they're not going to take Parliament seriously at all."

You wonder why voters are cynical? Because we're TELLING them that we're playing games. Jay Hill is essentially saying to the public: "Well, we're threatening to hold an election because if we don't, then we won't have any influence".

Yeah I get that--but why would you SAY it?? Why would you not use this as an opportunity to message about the need to defeat a corrupt government, 12 year rule, Canadians' distrust of Martin, representing our constituents, etc.

Memo to Jay: It's about the voters, stupid! This isn't about political parties, politicians, Stephen Harper or anyone else on the, ahem, Hill. Hill. Its about Canadians.

But Mr. Hill isn't the only offender--far from it. Here's a snippit from Star Columnist Chantal Hebert back in late April when the non-confidence saga was just beginning:

"Liberal strategists may feel that, by going down to defeat on the budget rather than on an opposition motion dealing with ethics, they will get a head start on defining the ballot-box question to their advantage."

Or its staff trying to look like they're in the loop. From Jane Taber's Ottawa Notebook on Saturday:

"He's going to be all over the place," the source said. "This summer he's just going to go out and meet people, go to a lot of the ridings that are important for us, and do it from a very personal perspective"

That's good. Now we have a better chance that the people who we need to vote for us see Harper's visit in the best possible light--a transparent suck up gesture to get votes.

I see time and time again so-called "political pundits" get on TV and explain the strategy behind their ads, legislation or policy position. Just go on chapters.ca or amazon.com and look at all the books devoted to "political pundits". Even uberpundit Warring Kinsella does interviews talking about "kicking ass in canadian politics" by manipulating voters. Now, Kinsella gives some of the best explanation for partaking in the "black arts", but still. Yeah, he might be good at it, but why do they insist on TELLING everyone about what they're doing. And why does John Laschinger?

If you want to breed cynicism, then publishing or talking about strategy is a "kick ass" way to do it.

Please stop it. Keep your strategy to yourself.

Friday, May 27, 2005


Twice in one edition! Will wonders never cease?

First, they compliment John Tory on his manners (they love it when a Conservative doesn't "act" like one).

Then columnist Richard Gwyn gives us a history lesson. I thought societies were supposed to evolve, not devolve.

In any event, I give them their due--The Toronto Star was speakin' the truth today.


Ed Asner

Here's the real scandal at Gomery: How did the star of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" manage to become the "Godfather" of Liberal Fundraising in Quebec?

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Youth-ful energy, perhaps? Posted by Hello

I thought the CPC voted against a youth wing.

I thought it was so the youth wouldn't be marginalized pigeonholed, etc etc.

Then why is this link on the Conservative website? Hmmmm?

I'm totally in favour of a youth wing. Just curious, tis all.

And is it a good thing that in La Belle Province we are calling these completely-similar-to-any-other-members-in-the-Party-in-every-way "Militants PCC"?

Just asking.

Friday, May 06, 2005


The Globe has a piece on Canada's Top 10 TV Commericals of all time.

Pretty sad. They ain't no "Waaaasuuuup", that's for sure. I think I've seen better ones on "World's Funniest TV Commericals". And that show's lame as hell.

Here they are:


1967 - Do you Eat the Red Ones Last? for Nestle Canada's Smarties
1973 - Mona Lisa for Cadbury Chocolate Canada Inc.'s Caramilk
1973 - Milk Moustache for Ontario Milk Marketing Board
1975 - The Road for A&W Food Services of Canada
1980 - Atlas Ketchup for H.J. Heinz Co.
1985 - It Tastes Awful. And It Works for W.K. Buckley Ltd.'s Buckley's Mixture
1990 - Bike Story for Canadian Tire Corp.
1996 - Stuck for Fruit of the Loom underwear
2001 - The Rant for Molson Canada's

I like "The Rant". Other than that, I guess if the criteria is longetivity, then some of them definitely deserve to be on the list. If its entertainment value, then the list needs some work.

But hey, at least they didn't put that stupid-ass "Want Milk" hip-hop or skater music video spot on the list. Then I would have really lost it.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005



Do you think this image accurately reflects the storied, brave history of Canada's veterans?

The Board of the Museum of Civilization does.

This disgusting image--or a painted representation of it--greets visitors at the front door of Canada's supposed tribute to Canada's soldiers, doctors, nurses and military staff of WWI, II Korea and our peacekeeping missions abroad. This is the image students, tourists and other visitors will be assaulted with when they tour the museum.

THIS is what federal bureacrats feel is a "fitting tribute" to Canada's war dead and survivors of those conflicts.

And what is the official response from Ottawa?

"We shy away from heroism because that tends to be associated with glamorizing war."

That was the quote to the Ottawa Citizen from War Museum meathead Peter MacLeod (if you want to reach Peter to express your disgust, give him a shout at dpetermacleod@yahoo.ca). He apparently believes that we shouldn't be talking about the sacrifice, heroism and hardship our veterans--who are dwindling by the day.

Instead, Canadians should teach their children about how sick individuals like Cpt. Crackpot up there have put a black eye on Canada's efforts to keep countries from tearing each other apart.

And if you really want to get pissed off, Sun Columnist Peter Worthington illustrates how the heroes in this situation--our vets--have been completely shut out:

"Cliff Chadderton, Canada's most influential veteran, who has done more for vets than anyone and who not only founded War Amps but is chairman of the National Council of Veteran Associations, representing 51 veterans groups, is asking that money donated by people he persuaded to give, be returned to the donors because he feels the museum is sending the wrong message. A symbolic gesture of disapproval. He was "shocked" that the Somalia painting would be displayed to depict soldiers. He says any comment from him would be "unprintable."

Chadderton donated $10,000 to the war museum and worries he inadvertently misled others into contributing. He says veterans who served in war seem to have had little input in the museum."

Both my grandfathers were in WWII. On one of my grandfather's first missions his ENTIRE unit was wiped out--except him. The mental and emotional scars he was left with led to a life of alcoholism and a premature death.

He left his soul on that battlefield. Our generation has NO IDEA what sacrifice is. Kids need to learn that war is a horrible, horrible experience. In fact, I think every student should have to watch Saving Private Ryan in school. But war also can teach us about the human spirit--people who bear unspeakable hardship to sacrifice for their families and their country.

Canada has a proud military history. THAT'S what this museum should be about.

I was actually psyched to visit the new museum. While a great tribute to our vets, it was quite cramped and in need on an update. I drove by the site with a friend of mine and we were both excited about going in.

But I make this promise. I will NEVER set foot in that museum as long as that "painting" hangs in it.

I suggest each and every Canadian do the same.

Let's turn our back on this thumb in the eye to Canada's veterans.


I know, I've been bad. I haven't posted in many a fortnight. Let me explain why.

When I started this blog, I did so because things that needed to be said by conservatives weren't being said.

With the advent of the Blogging Tories and many other blogs popping up, a real Conservative community has been created.

We have bloggers running for office.

We have bloggers who are dissecting Gomery Inquiry testimony.

We have bloggers that are fundraising for the Conservative Party of Canada.

Basically, the Conservative blogging community is doing a bang up job.

Which leaves me with little to say right now. I don;t feel the need to link or repeat to points that have been made again and again.

So, I've decided that I will weigh in on points of real interest or stories that haven't been widely covered by Conservative bloggers.

Like this one.

When you see CH at the top of that Blogging Tories blogroll, you know I've got something good posted.

Until then, I'll just shut my mouth.

But not for long.

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