Sunday, August 15, 2004


Despite what some of my more ignorant friends will tell you, you can learn a lot from going to the movies. Today was Effective Advertising 101. Due to (actual) demand, I would like to comment on a few ads that have popped up in movie theatres (but you have also seen on TV, etc).

There is no question that some marketing firms earn their keep, others don't. I think we have all seen some absolutely brilliant advertising and some that make you wonder how those geniuses can afford to feed their families. When I mean brilliant, I don't mean that it somehow increased marketshare. These are ads that had buzz, with lame-asses like me talking about it in forums like this.

I wanted to begin with an ad that I can only charitably call garbage. If you go to the movies lately, you're more likely than not to see those new ads by Bell Sympatico featuring the baby that speaks like Nitche, but sounding like Stephen Hawking. This doesn't work on so many different levels--namely, all of them. Same with the accompanying radio ads featuring two "Speak and Spell" machines in dry conversation. I tried in vain to find one online. Too bad, as it was a fine specimen of banality.

I have not met one person who hasn't mentioned these ads in some form or another. Its obvious that Ma Bell (no relation) doesn't have a monopoly on wit. If the purpose of this inept advertising campaign was to remind us all of their inept internet service, then mission accomplished.

Now, if you want an absolutely hilarious campaign, then B-Double's got one for you. I've only seen it once, but I happened to find it online. This "Mulit" ad, in the guise of a "Bollywood" movie trailer, is damn brilliant. Like the lemming that I am, I was telling everybody about it afterwards, which I'm sure is why Absolut Vodka spends money on these ads (because I'm sure there's no money being spent on improving the product*). If you haven't seen it, download the trailer. At least your life won't have been a total waste.

I am now taking submissions for the best/worst ad. If you can find the link, post it here and I'll compile something.
*This statement is not intented to be seen as a disparaging commentary on the quality or excellence of Absolut Vodka products

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