Friday, August 20, 2004


So, last night I got stood up for a business meeting. Well, actually, my colleague was in another part of the restaurant and we were both waiting for each other. But I've been really stood up before.

And its a horrible feeling.

Maybe I'm a little too self aware, but I can't think of a more awkward feeling than sitting alone at a table--alone--with the waitress periodically coming up to you and asking "Still waiting for someone?" I don't know if its just me, but I feel like everyone in the room is staring at me and saying "Pathetic guy--table for one". I'm sure no one is even noticing, but it doesn't feel like it.

Then the neurosis takes over--I start contantly checking my phone for messages, blackberrying overdue e-mails that I haven't responded to, all in a desperate attempt to look busy and nonchalant. Man, am I uncomfortable.

So, after an hour of waiting, I'm so eager to get the check (for my one drink) that I'm practically standing at the server station punching my MasterCard into the computer for her. I feel embarassed. An important guy wouldn't get stood up! He stands them up!

Anyway, I see my friend parked on the other side of the restaurant on my way out the door. We have a drink, talk shop--all is forgotten. But it *sniff* still hurts inside.

Input time--what makes you feel most awkward in public? Going to the movies alone? Walking naked in the local park? A public drug bust in front of your friends and family?

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