Tuesday, August 17, 2004


I'm pretty sure many of the folks I hang and work with don't listen to Hip-hop. In fact, I'm positive. However, I wanted to draw attention to an album that was released last week by a rap artist named Shyne.

His new album, Godfather Buried Alive, was released last Tuesday and has already on its way to going platinum. Shyne is currently being sought after by some of the hottest producers like Dr. Dre, Timbaland and others. Everyone wants Shyne then on their single and remix. He is also being courted by a number of major record labels to bring his independent label imprint, Gangland Records, under their umbrella. Rumour is the numbers being thrown around are in the tens of millions. So why is he different than the last artist who blew up?

He's currently in a maximum security jail serving a 10-year sentence for aggrevated assault.

You remember Shyne. He was the one who actually pulled the gun when he was with P. Diddy and J. Lo at that club. Diddy took off, Shyne shot off. Diddy walked, Shyne got locked. As a result, Shyne had most of his vocals recorded via the payphone at Clinton Correctional Facility in New York. Nevertheless, its still one of the most anticipated albums of 2004.

While Shyne won't be the only artist who has recorded material behind bars, he probably will be the most successful in recent history. In fact, Godfather will probably outsell his first self-titled album, which he made long before his run-in with the law. Guess he won't have any problem

Shyne recently had his phone privileges revoked when the Warden realized that a) he basically made an entire album under his nose and b) he's been doing numerous radio interviews since its release.

Your thoughts? Is its OK for Queen Martha to make money in jail?

My opinion--while I might not agree with convicts getting paid, I do think they need to be doing more that just spending 23 hours per day in a cell. I lean towards more labourious tasks than cutting a platinum album (i.e hard manual labour), but I still feel that having inmates do nothing all day doesn't make sense. More on this point in a future post.

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