Thursday, August 19, 2004


So HRH Adrienne Clarkson has given the middle finger to Canadian taxpayers--again. Canada's Governor General is once again refusing to discuss her 10--thats 1 more than 9--trips to the Big Apple.

I'm not one to criticize politicians who travel on parlimentary business. No matter what level, I think that certain travel expenses are just part of running a government. However, Ms. Clarkson takes wasteful spending to another level. To be honest, its not the actual amounts that she spends that get me so steamed--I'm used to this Liberal government wasting my tax dollars on frivilous things. And I also have no problem with the position of the Governor General. I respect and appreciate the heritage and conventions of this country.

What actually really makes me mad is the total arrogance of Clarkson (and don't forget her hubby, the "philosopher" John Ralston Saul, who never met a junket he didn't like). Maybe she spent too many years in the CBC executive program, "How to spend millions and have nothing to show for it". Maybe she's feels all her hard work for said network and as the G-G, reaching out to "average Canandians" entitles her to spend tax dollars as she sees fit with no accountability. Year after year, we have seen the budget of the G-G continue to climb, while we are granted less and less information as to how and for what purpose Clarkson spends our money so "robustly".

I believe that our Governor General embodies much of what is wrong with Canada. She reflects an attitude of entitlement, that the government is there to serve and promote the cultural elite in Canada. At every function, event or ceremony she attends, she gives off a kind of vibe that she's better than the average Canadian. And her actions reflect just that--a lack of respect for the average Canadian. Actually, speaking of the cultural elite, I get some of the same vibe from many of their memberhsip as well. Whether its the political musings of Margaret Attwood or the rants of Andy Barrie every morning on CBC radio, there seems to be two kinds of people in their world--them and the rest of us.

Its a shame that I feel at way about one of the most prestigious political appointees in the country. Small wonder that Canadians are turning away from politics and current events in droves. Canadians today can't relate to the seemingly surreal world of politics. And when they can't relate, they tune out.

I think Ms. Clarkson has forgotten that just because you represent the Crown in Canada, doesn't mean you're royalty.

When's her term up?

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