Friday, August 27, 2004


I think all of us know about Todd Bertuzzi, his infamous hit and his current trial. Maybe its because I'm Canadian, but I don't think he should have been charged in the first place.
Without a doubt the hit was a cheap shot and gave the game of hockey a black eye. I also think it is completely regrettable that Steve Moore suffered the injuries that he did. But it is a sport--and a tough, hard-hitting one at that. I don't think Bertuzzi had permanent injury in mind when he suckerpunched Moore. For all we know, a couple centimetres lower the penalty would have been 5 minutes in the box, not an assault charge.
Its not like Moore was walking along the street and was mashed up against the wall by Bertuzzi. He was on the ice, deep in a game and wearing protective gear, for pete's sake! Moore knew--or should have known--the risks associated with playing professional hockey.
Do we have to make players sign release forms?
NOTE: I'm up North for the weekend, so no blogs 'til Monday. There will be a support group forming shortly.

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