Thursday, August 26, 2004


Yesterday, a clearly disturbed individual tried to kill his wife in the food court beside my building. After that was unsuccessful, he ran away only to take a hostage when pursued by police.

Unfortunately for him, it didn't end very well. And you know what? I'm happy about it.

I have no tolerance for those who not only break the law, but who endanger the public and members of the police force. Frankly, this man should have known that when he pointed his sawed-off shotgun at police officers that his time on this earth would be exeedingly short.

This guy has gathered little sympathy from the people I have spoken to about the incident yesterday and today. Most feel (as I do) that we all have seen enough news reports (and even movies and television programs) to know how cops react to those situations.

In my opinion this abusive husband, father and eventual hostage-taker got what he deserved.

Agreed on all counts.

And extra praise for the cop that brought him down ... with one shot. Pretty impressive if you consider that the cop has probably never been in that situation before. Training pays off.

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