Thursday, September 30, 2004


What is with the ladies this season? During the first season, the women were destroying the men. While there was some "controversy" about the use of sex in achieveing their goals, they were nevertheless ending up in the Boardroom far less often than the hapless guys. They pulled it out (usually at the last minute) and got the job done.

So far this season, the women are totally falling apart. As I have said previously, they're much more vicious and personal. Sure, last season we all enjoyed watching Erica and Omarosa scrap, but it seems NONE of these new crop of candidates can get along. And the focus on personalities are costing them dearly.

Take Jennifer C Posted by Hello. Notwithstanding the fact that she got on Carolyn's bad side pretty well right from the beginning (Man, I love watching her take them down), her decision to get personal got her fired. I'm of the belief she could have survived if she had acted differently. While the Project Manager is always on the hook for the loss, there have been many occasions when the focus shifts to a particular aspect of the task that failed. In this task, it was the decor. People hated it and it was the wrong fit for the area. That was Sandy's deal [Thanks, kmac]. Period. If she was there, Jennifer C. could have shifted the blame.

But she got personal and brought in wee Stacey. Why? She didn't have anything to do with the loss. Neither, really, did Elizabeth, although she is having a hard time keeping it together (so I could see a reason for being there). Anyway, when you don't bring any worthy targets in with you, you become a target. At least Elizabeth (PM in last episode) brought in "nutjob" Stacie J. to deflect attention, and it worked. So, Jennifer was left with the focus on her and it costed her big time.

One last thing: Why do the gal continue to pick two people? Pick three, damnit! The more potential targets, the better your chances of survival! Listen to Bill: Worry less about partnerships and alliances, worry more about yourself. Jennifer M sold her "friend" Jenn C. down the river when she was cornered. It can happen to you!

These gals have to get it together.

Good review, one small correction ... Sandy, who I don't think I have ever seen on the show before last night, was in charge of the decor ... not Jen M.

And finally someone who deserved to be fired (ie they screwed up and caused their team to lose) got fired.

Thanks for the correction, Kmac. I have adjusted accordingly--and even given you credit! I agree that someone who screwed up actually got fired--I still maintain that it didn't have to be Jenn C.
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