Monday, September 13, 2004


Firstly, my apologies for the lateness of my reply. I had fully intended to bring you my lofty opinions on this season of The Apprentice 2 immediately after the show, but sometimes real life catches up with you. It will not happen again.

So, the humiliating honour of "First to be Fired from The Apprentice 2" goes to Robert, a corporate branding salesman (whatever that is) from Texas. Robert joins another notable, David Gould, the socially awkward MBA/MD who chased after potential Lemonade customers with a pathological furvor during the first season. His reward for his "enthusiasm" was to be booted in the first episode.

Rob was less than impressive during the first episode, but no less than many of the others (let's look at PM Pamela, who spent much of her time with Mattel execs dissing the little kids during the focus groups). Some contributed so little, I didn't even know some of the candidates were ON the show until they showed up in The Boardroom! My favorite part about Rob was his intense reactions to anything someone said about him. When someone commented that he was "underutilized", they could have been telling him that Mark Burnett slept with his wife, considering the bugged-out look on his face. Poor Rob--we hardly knew ye.

I don't know what my favorite part was: Stacie J. and her Magic 8 Ball going totally nutters while waiting for the results, or Bradford's stupid-ass remote controlled head car that he insisted would be a winner with kids. Its gotta be Stacie. Sorry, I just love watching people have a total meltdown.

Oh, one more thing-- Raj is the man. The cane? The red pants? Brilliant.

I saw it too, but I tend to be a bit easier on Rob, Stacie, et al. Who knows what really happened as they could be engaging is some Michael Moore-esque editing.
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