Friday, September 24, 2004


With the U.S. Presidential election steamrolling along, I see Democratic candidate John Kerry' s sister, Diana Kerry, is in the news. It seems she is working diligently to make sure the 500,000+ Americans living in Canada vote in November. It would also seem that Ms. Kerry just assumes that pretty well all of those U.S. citizens living in Canada are voting for her brother.

You know what? She's probably right.

Poll after poll have shown that the vast majority of Canadian voters would rather see Kerry than Dubya in the White House. Why is that? I suppose Canadians feel that Kerry's multilateral approach to world affairs, with greater emphasis on the UN, etc, is more appealing. I think we Canadians don't mind the benefit of having a strong continental partner, just as long as it doesn't get too big for its britches. I guess they would prefer their U.S. President to be more "Canadian": timid and quiet.

It's not like Kerry's policies will necessarily benefit us. You think his union buddies will allow for more free trade or lower tariffs? Or that he will stem the tide of terrorist strikes? Doubt it. But hey--Kerry would fall in line with the kind of leaders we seem to elect: multimillionare lawyers/businessmen who are short on ideas and fairly happy with the stauts quo.

I can see why Diana Kerry has her work cut out for her--why would all those ex-pats care about voting for the next President? They have their own paradise right here in the Great White North.

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