Thursday, October 14, 2004


It took me about 1.5 seconds to figure out the men would lose. The second the big DT said the word "fashion" I knew Mosaic was going into the Boardroom of Horrors. Give me a break. These guys were outgunned from the get go. The Apex vixens are extremely well dressed, obviously fashion conscious and at least have a clue. The only thing the guys had was their head up their collective asses.

So, I'm not as disappointed as much as I normally would be. Mosaic was doomed from the beginning. But they didn't help themselves. From drooling over the models to my man Raj acting like a schoolkid with ADD constantly asking questions, it was just bad. So, here are my main thoughts:

John the Beggar Posted by Hello

Anyway, the girls deserve the win. They knew what they were talking about and floated right through the task. I'm sure the guys couldn't be that upset with missing Cirque de Soliel at the Hugo Boss party. I'm sure they saw enough men in brightly coloured tights for one day (besides Raj).

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