Friday, October 29, 2004


Another SHOCKER! Elizabeth gets fired! I think my crazy uncle Stu saw that one coming.... and he doesn't even watch TV. Now let's see: she cried during a challenge, was totally undecisive last time she was a PM and everyone was talking behind her back. I guess she gave back her "Miss Popularity" sash (and the matching tiara) before the beginning of the episode. Of course, we new she was going to get fired! Especially after being chosen PM!

Lizzy Borden Posted by Hello

No wait. I think I knew when she was going to be fired was when the Big D, on his "The More You Know" segment (where he imparts the wisdom we're supposed to gleam from the highbrow lesson in business operations) tells us "You have to love it". DT says if you don't believe in what you're doing, then you can't convince anyone to buy what you're selling (insert clip of DT at fashion show doing greatest "White Men Can't Dance" chair boogie). Just to connect the dots, the next clip is Lizzy saying "I just can't support the military theme to the ad". Hmmmmm.... all the sublety of Fear Factor, none of the bug eating.

Anyway, I don't want to comment on Flip Flop McGee there, I'd rather talk about the rest of the candidates.

I have to tell you, I'm getting a little bored of all their crap. No matter who is chosen as PM (and its random, don't forget), no matter how competent (I think Andy--who didn't do himself any favours appearing in his street clothes for of his clips looking like he was 6--did a great job), they undermine them from the get go. At first, it was mildly amusing. I get a certian kick out of watching extremely agressive and ambitious young'uns rip each other to pieces (see: Swarming of Stacie "Who me? Crazy?" J). Now its just stupid.

Offender number one: Ivana. I asked my colleague (who also watches the show) what she did last night besides complain. Blank stare ensues. Right. Nothing. And while I don't disagree that Liz had horrible leadership skills, its not like the team backed her up. Kevin was great for handholding her the night before--until her wonderfully articulate sales pitch of the new concept ("So, there's these cops, and they do things and stuff") the next morning. But the rest of the team revolting? What's up with that? You're under a tight timeline and you need to come up with a great product on the fly and you want to go out on the picket line ("Hey hey, ho ho, the crybaby's got to go!")?

Not exactly leadership.

Although they had far superior ads, Team Kaleidescope wasn't much better. Kelly was arrogant and sweet, sweet Maria kept spouting off about sex appeal. A cop ad with sex appeal? What's the tag line? "When was the last time your job helped get you laid"? Or "Boys--learn to use your nightstick"? Now, if it was Maria modelling for the ad with Sandy holding her... I digress.

Anyway, I think this is going to come down to three people: Kelly and Kevin and Raj. Their all competent, solid decision makers with a good head on their shoulders (well, Raj makes up for his weakness in that department with pure entertainment value). The rest of them? Not impressed. And no, I'm not being sexist. The women can get fired with the rest of the men.

There's definitely some fat that needs to be trimmed leading into the finals.

As well, here's a related story about DT's Boardroom dubs.

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