Thursday, October 07, 2004


I can't say saw that coming. A part of me was wondering if Pamela could make a strong case against wee Stacey and sweet, sweet Maria, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought

that Pamela Posted by Hello might not make it. However, I knew DT did think highly of her, which I thought might save Pamela's ass in the end. Nope. Oh, well. You HAD to know that if things went south, "Team Catty" would eat her alive. They obviously brissled against her management "style".

And I see their point. Pamela was over the top. I thought she was trying to assert herself by rolling over everyone else. Who tells women (or anyone) in their late 20's to not talk while others are speaking? What are they, 8? But I also saw what Pammy was trying to do: this team is a mess. They have no focus and are completely disfunctional. She was trying to bring some discipline to the team; $10.00 more and she would been a hero. But as George said, a loss is still a loss.

Nevertheless, I still think the big D made a mistake. Pam was one of the stronger team members. But maybe the ladies are taking my advice of not bringing attention to themselves too seriously. The most dangerous role anyone can take on with this group of "Mean Girls" is Project Manager. You know why? Because they all suck. But they don't spectacularly suck. They don't "Omorosa" suck or "Sam" suck. Which means two things:

1) You still always lose.
2) You take the hit because no one really did anything of note, so you can't build a case.

So what happens? You're on the hook and you get fired. As I keep yelling at the TV, these girls better get it together. Last time, you had the group hating one or two girls. This time they all hate each other. Which means that no one believes the PM has any credibility and they don't work as a team. I suspect DT will change up the teams next week.

Best moment: My man Raj running around Arthur Ashe Stadium in his gitch getting tennis balls whipped at him. That's good TV. You might think he's an idiot, but how many guys do you know who have hit on Anna Kournikova? Give the man his due, he's got guts.

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