Saturday, October 16, 2004


The man himself Posted by Hello

I'm not sure how many of you saw the exchange between Jon Stewart and one of the hosts of CNN's "Crossfire", Tucker Carlson (it's a little long at 13:30 minutes). Its doesn't exactly meet the "brutal" description, but it is an interesting exchange.

I think political commentators, pundits, whatever--have lost their collective sense of humour. They bring a guy like Stewart onto their show--which airs on Comedy Central--and they wonder why he doesn't ask "more hardhitting questions". He's a talk show host! It has political content, but its still political satire! And damn fine satire at that.

Now, he was a little sanctimonious in his criticisms of "Crossfire", but he made some great points: It is largely spin. The only debate is between opposing talking points. There is little substantive debate on the issues. And this definitely turns off "non-hacks" from taking an interest in politics.

I think Jon is right--the level of political discourse and dialouge is at its lowest point in history. It has moved away from providing thought out, substantive public policy positions and gravitated towards the soundbites and polling samples. I know, politicians and political parties are only responding to the "24-hour news cycle reality"; but that doesn't stop me from wanting to see change. As partisan as this space can be, I'd love to see some actual dialouge between the Parties on issues of substance.

Not that those bleeding heart Liberal flip floppers would ever allow it.

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