Tuesday, October 05, 2004


For what its worth, I would have played a little tougher with the federal Liberals than the Tories are. I know Harper's Conservatives don't want to be seen to bring down the goverment in the first week of the House sitting. Fair enough. But considering the arrogance of this particular government, the fact that they continue to govern like they have a majority, I would have made them sweat a little more.

Yes, yes, I understand that the Conservatives don't have the money or are organized enough to run an election campaign. And I know that they would pay an electoral price for taking Canadians to the polls so soon. And I do give them credit for the rare accomplishment of getting the government to change the throne speech.

But two things to keep in mind:

Me personally? I would have taken a "you'll have to see what happens" message going into the House this week. The Libs haven't consulted with the Opposition, so why should the Opposition talk to them?

These Liberals need to be taught that a minority truly is a minority and that they shouldn't be taking anything for granted. If the Conservatives (and NDP and Bloc for that matter) don't start getting some real concessions (not making the government follow though on its promises), voters will be wondering why they don't just give a majority back to the Liberals, since there's no positive difference anyway.

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