Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I have to admit, I don't praise the McGuinty government that often, but I think their new policy of mandatory phys ed time for all elementary students in Ontario is something worth applauding. No, I'm not exactly an adonis, but I was active as a kid. I went bike riding, rollerskating (oops, I'm dating myself) swimming and boy would I ever run fast when the shop owner caught me stealing a...... but I digress.

Want a shovel with that? Posted by Hello

(Insert old coot voice) "These kids today..." Well, they're getting fatter. First and foremost I DO believe its the parents that need to teach kids good eating habits and incorporate exercise into their daily routine. I don't buy the whole argument that higher levels of obesity in kids is due to the foods they eat.

30 years ago the only thing that was "low fat" was fruit and vegetables! There was no diet pop, or non-fat pudding or low-carb cookies. It was all about the sugar, baby! Coke would melt your teeth and grease wasn't just in people's hair.

I think its the lifestyle of kids today that is doing so much damage. Remember when you WANTED to be on the football team? Every kid stayed out for hours playing street hockey, or tag or whatever? I spent whole summers where I would get up about 8:00, eat breakfast and I'd be gone for the rest of the day, out doing who knows what. I didn't diet. I was just active. That helped my kiddie metabolism keep things in check.

Anyway, not to heap too much praise of the Lie-berals, but this was the right thing to do.

Now, junior.... get off your ass!

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