Thursday, October 28, 2004


The friendly, heavily regulated skies... Posted by Hello

The Liberal government is looking to reopen the debate surrounding opening up the Canadian airline market to greater competition.

As you would expect, I think this is a great idea that's long overdue. Believe it or not, I have no interest in seeing "Scare Canada" fail. As well all know, it will be our taxes that will pay for it if it does. But I do have every confidence that the airline could survive in a free market.

They would have to.

Air travel in Canada is as expensive as it ever has been. You'd think you were flying to another continent when you look at how much it costs to travel to B.C. We need competition to drive down prices. And I am aware that some detractors of the place feel that some of the less popular routes (i.e. the non-stop flight to West Assfrost Inlet) will be either reduced or eliminated, I have every confidence that smaller (read: cheaper) carriers will pick up the slack. The market doesn't like a vacuum. If there is demand, businesses will service it.

While I think we need to just get on with it and open it up, I do applaud the Martin government (wow, two Lie-beral compliments in one week) for taking the first step. I just hope this "national debate" isn't code for "endless debate".

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