Friday, November 12, 2004


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My god, I'm disappointed. Is this where the show was by last season? Had all the annoying (read: interesting) candidates been fired? Was it basically a homogeneous, bland group of "young executives"? I almost fast forwarded the show (which I taped) just to get to the end.

But nooooooooo....... I had to watch the whole thing to see if there was something worth watching. Besides the alpha male showcase between Kelly and Andy and Wes' horrifying skills behind the wheel of a moving van, there wasn't much there.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....huh? Oh, sorry. Nodded off there.

So, this week was a contest to see which team could run a bridal boutique. Guess which team won? The one with the wedding planner on it! Mosaic and Sandy should have been handicapped for this particular task. Not because I'm all about fairness, its because it made the predictable and boring. I have to admit, I did love watching Chris, Apex's PM, basically give up in the first 5 minutes of the task. That was worth seeing. Although, I would have fired him for that even if he came behind and won.


Actually, Chris looked like I feel--no enthusiasm. The whole Apex team was like, "Whatever. We lost". Even Carolyn and Georgey boy were saying the whole team should get fired for lack of spark. And I actually though it was going to happen. It was the math. DT at the beginning said that there are only 5 weeks left to go in the "interview". There were 8 candidates at the beginning of the episode. So, it was conceivable that the three that were in the Boardroom (Kevin, Ivana and Chris) could have all been fired.

At least that would have reduced the length of my suffering. But it was not to be.

Predictably, Apex got spanked--again--and they ended up in the Boardroom. Predictably, the PM got fired due to "lack of leadership" (see my last Apprentice post for the episode formula).


As a side note, I think Ivana will be the next to go if she ends up in the Boardroom again. Both Trump and Carolyn basically attacked her for "being in the Boardroom alot". I think (thankfully) her time is nigh.

As well, here is a link to an article spitballing the odds for the remaining candidates.

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