Thursday, November 18, 2004


Carolyn Parrish is at it again.

I frankly don't care if she doesn't support Dubya. That's her right. I just wonder if she recognizes that she's becoming a caricature. That the more she takes part in skits like the one on "This Hour Has 22 Minutes", the more her position is laughable.

I'm sure she's enjoying the notoriety right now--being the darling of the anti-war movementarians, getting on the idiot box almost every night. But she doesn't carry much weight.

I'm sure her antics are affecting everything she's trying to do for her real job. You know, representing her constituents. She's already alienated the Martin cabal. And I know she might positioning it as her "raging against the machine", but it might not be so much fun when the infrastructure funding for her riding is at the bottom of the list of government priorities.

Enjoy that fame, Carolyn. You're at about 13 minues, 20 seconds.

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