Tuesday, November 30, 2004


I guess you can take the politician out of the protest, but you can't take the protest out of the politican. Jack Layton, the Federal NDP leader, has recorded a "demon-dial" call that went out to thousands of Ottawa-area NDP members (There are thousands? Must mostly be Carleton U students.)

After he attends the protest, he's going to attend the dinner for Dubya later that evening. There, he will have a "brief" meeting with the President where he will "challenge him" on climate change and missile defence.

Hey Jack--you're not on Toronto City Council anymore.

Why won't the NDP ever learn that there was a reason why Ed Broadbent won so many (relative to other elections for the Dippers, anyway) Commons seats when he was leader. Because he was a statesman. That doesn't mean you ditch your values or beliefs. If fact, I'd be disappointed if the NDP leadership did that. It just means you grow up. No one takes a person seriously when they are leader of a national party and then choose to spend the 5 minutes they have with the leader of the free world chastising him for his "globalization" policies.

You're in the big leagues now, Jack. Its time to show that you can swing at the pitches. Its beneath you to link arms with the great unwashed on the road to a pepper-spraying at the hands of the RCMP. That's fine for Svend "Sticky Fingers" Robinson. But not the Party leader. If you every want to come even close to being the PM, you need to allow voters to visualize *shudder* you there. You need to "act" Prime Ministerial.

Even if you never will be.

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