Monday, December 20, 2004


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I have a confession. I missed the finale. I know, I know, a lot of people have schedules that conflict with shows and they miss them. So, they tape them, which is what I did.

But the worst part? I still haven't watched it.

Well, I watched a bit of it. I rewound the tape by about 40 minutes when I got home late Thursday night and watched the Boardroom. So I went to bed knowing who was the newest "Apprentice". I figure better to find out that way then in the media the next day.

But, I haven't watched anything else since then. Know why? The horrible reviews the show got from literally EVERYONE I know who watches the show. They all said the first hour was recap, the next half hour was the actual task, then the Boardroom, then about an hour of just plain garbage.

Doesn't exactly make you want to rush home and watch it. Which is probably why I haven't. And that says a lot, considering its the only show I watch religiously (all the others I watch secularly). The finale reflects much of the content of the 2nd season: drawn out, predictable and self-promoting.

I think I might be more interested if next season isn't like an infomercial for Trump and the corporate sponsors of NBC. And if I never hear Trump saying that a particular product/company/executive/celebrity is "The Number One __________ in the country", then I'll be a happy guy.

One last thought about the show: I am certain that a number of my friends, colleagues and business associates could mop up on The Apprentice. Numerous times during both season, I was truck by the ineptitude of the "star candidates". These people beat out 1M applicants? Maybe its the bias from my political involvement, but I see much of the work as being centred around organization and people management--something political hacks excel in!

Too bad Canadians can't compete. We'd give them a run for their money.

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