Friday, December 10, 2004


Kevin Sandy Posted by Hello

Alright, so my track record hasn't been stellar over the last few weeks. First, I said the "troika" of Ivana, Kevin and Kelly would be the final three. Ivana got waxed and I was proven wrong (although I did get the other two). Then, I said it would be Whoopie and Sweaty in the finale. Kevin was tossed and I once again had egg on my face. Sandy was gone, which I predicted, but she did (if only for about 2 minutes) outlast Kevin, which was actually a surprise.

So now that's out of the way, let's get down to business. After "gruelling" interviews with top executives--I'm sure they were told to be horrible to the final four--Kevin and Sandy got tossed beofre the half hour was up. Then, the final two, Kelly and (I actually still can't believe it) Jennifer, were told they would be running parallel charity events for a financial company: one a basketball tournament the other a polo match. As expected, each leader was given a team of rejects from the season to "help" (We all remember Omorosa's contribution to Kwame's loss).

So we've seen how things are shaping up, so here are my thoughts:

As another bonus, here's an article on the weirdest moments of the season.

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