Friday, December 03, 2004


Ivana get naked! Posted by Hello

I guess that's what they call "naked ambition". Shall I go on? Firstly, I need to admit that I was wrong. Sandy was not next, but I'm sure she would have been if she ended up in the Boardroom. On a related note, I was also wrong that Ivana Humpalot would be in the final three. Fine, fine fine. So I was wrong. I still have said from the beginning that it will be the two K's: Kelly and Kevin (or as I call them, Whoopie ansd Sweaty).

So, the task this time was to not only sell a new chocolate bar, but make it as well. I would have been horrible at this task, as I would have given a whole new meaning to "eating into the profits". Nevertheless, both Apex (K's and I) and Mosaic (The Blonde Ambition Twins) did a comparable job making the chocolate (about 300 bars per team). It was damn funny to watch Jen wipe out on the floor.

I know, I'm cruel that way.

Anyway, they "hit the streets" to sell their wares, with the Olsen twins dressing up in duel slutterific attire to sell their $5 DOLLAR bars to the drooling men (idiots!). Team bland (I mean Apex) was doing the ol' product-related-hat-and-t-shirt combo. At least for now. When it looked like Mosaic was actually moving product at a higher price, PM Ivana decided to do something "drastic". And by drastic, she meant really stupid, tawdry and demeaning.

Ivana offer to sell guys on the street a candy bar for $20. If they would agree to the price, she would throw in a "dropping of the skirt" so they could take a peek at her gams (amongst other things). Apex lost. The Big D lost it. And Ivana is no more.


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