Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Take that, NHLPA! Posted by Hello

If the salary cap is good enough for the NFL and NBA, then what is the hockey players' union waiting for? Bettman and the owners are right to reject the offer.

For the health of the NHL: Cap' em!

And for those of you who are worried their won't be a season, Daimen Cox over at the Star gives us a little history lesson:

"In general, ignore all the hysteria and doomsday scenarios you may hear today. The truth is that the entire process is, in fact, quite on schedule.
That doesn't mean there will be a deal. But it's important to remember the last NHL lockout ended with a deal on Jan. 12, 1995, which then allowed for a 48-game season to be played.

Four weeks before the final agreement, talks were going nowhere, with the owners insisting on a luxury tax and the players vowing never to accept one.

That means there's probably a month or more left in the current process before anything gets cancelled."

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