Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Here is the Post columnist John Ivison's take on MP Roger Gallaway's efforts:

"There appears to be no room in this party for outspoken libertarians who would like to abolish the Senate and cut government funding to the CBC. Once a parliamentary secretary in Paul Martin's first Cabinet, Mr. Gallaway is likely to find his dance card as dusty as that of Carolyn Parrish in the coming months."

Sad. I think PM Martin's failure to even come close to matching the expectations he had when he took office will do much more damage to Canada then his policies.

Cynicism breeds apathy.

Apathy breeds disengagement.

Disengagement breeds a lack of accountability.

A lack of accountablity is the last thing thsi government needs. If Canadians just don't care about what goes on in Ottawa we're all is a lot of trouble.

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