Thursday, December 16, 2004


Good to see that Preston Manning and I agree on where the debate should ultimately be decided by Parliament:

"While contemporary Canadian courts, largely Liberal-appointed, are obliged by the Charter to make Charter compatibility the principal criterion for judging every law and public policy, federal and provincial legislators have the right (and obligation) to take a broader and deeper approach, as the Charter itself acknowledges. At the insistence of the premiers, it contains the "notwithstanding clause" that allows Parliament and the legislatures, if they so choose, to base certain laws and policies on principles and values other than those enshrined in the Charter. If Canadians want their legislators to base the definition of marriage on something broader and deeper than Charter conformity, they should urge MPs and MLAs to do so."


But its sad to see King Ralph once again trying to prove that he's the real leader of Conservatives in Canada.

A disturbing pattern of undercutting his Federal counterparts. He did it in the federal election, and he's doing it again.

Guess he's decided to pee outside the tent.

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