Thursday, January 20, 2005


Archbishop of Toronto Cardinal Aloysius Ambrozic has an interesting open letter to PM Martin in the Globe and Mail today. Since we are all live in a subscription-laden world, I have posted some of it here:

"So far, the debate has been among lawyers. It is time for there to be a debate in Canadian society as a whole. It is time for ordinary Canadians to be given sufficient opportunity to discuss the issues and to reflect on the deeper implications before a debate occurs in Parliament and a decision is made that could irrevocably change the nature of marriage and the family in Canada.

My purpose in writing this open letter to you is to urge caution in taking this step toward the redefinition of marriage. We all would do well to pause reflectively before we alter social structures like marriage and the family that lie at the core of our society, and that represent the accumulated wisdom and experience of the ages.

The conjugal partnership of a man and a woman is the beginning and basis of human society, and the family is the first and vital cell of society. Tampering with marriage and the family poses significant social risks.

Can we say with certainty what the social outcome of a redefinition of marriage would be? In all humility, none of us can do so. Human sexuality is a powerful force, which society has acknowledged through many of our laws and social customs."

I have to first say that I am hardly a social conservative. I'm not really religious and I feel people should be entitled to do what they please in the privacy of their own homes. As (ugh) Pierre Trudeau said "The state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation".

But I have to say that I'm really thinking that we are heading down the wrong path on Same Sex Marriage. But so I am not easily dismissed as a homophobe, I will now speak to a imaginary piece of legislation that paves the way for "clown marriage" (the rights of those carnies are always being underminded).

Here's why I'm against the marriage of two clowns:

Firstly, I do believe that marriage and family are the building blocks of society. For thousands of years, the world has been shaped by these two pillars. To suggest that two clowns marrying are on par with a societial foundation is questionable. No one could suggest that our society would be the same if a two-clown structure replaced that of man and woman. It would be vastly different from what we see now. And frankly, while perfect, I think we've done okay for ourselves here in Canada.

To me this isn't about morality, its about society. I don't doubt that a union of two clowns has the ability to be just as stable, strong and supportive as a married couple. But its not the same. ANY other union should not be regarded in the same manner as one that has roots as a pivital piece throughout in thousands of years of history.

Secondly, I don't think the FIBerals have done their homework. What protections has this legislation put into place to ensure the rights of religious institutions are upheld? What happens if clown couples insist on being married in a church that does not beleive in or recognize clown marriage? What are they doing to strenghten the institution of marriage and helping out working families? Have they worked closely with provinces to ensure those rights are protected?

I think until those questions are answered and a full public debate is held on the issue, this is definitely something that should NOT be rammed down Canadians throats.

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