Thursday, January 20, 2005


"Let them eat seared tuna maki in a light lemon demiglaze!" Posted by Hello

This is crap.

Longtime readers of CH know that I am no fan of our Governor General (GG) Adrienne Clarkson. But the revelations outline in Sun columnist Greg Weston's piece today takes the cake.

Long-serving and extremely popular (yet unfortunately named) Lt. Governor of Alberta Lois Hole recently passed away after a bout with cancer. The "Queen of Hugs" was to be remembered in a large memorial in Calgary. The GG couldn't make it.

Now, initially, it was reported that she was in Kiev attending the swearing in of the new Yushchenko government. Fair enough. Real important, a symbol of democracy, etc. That I could understand.

Now Weston is reporting that it was not Ukranian democracy that kept her away from the Hole memorial--it was a personal vacation in Paris. Yes, once again the ol' GG was off on a taxpayer-funded junket.

Here are my problems with this situation:
  1. She and her press flack lied to the Canadian public about why she was unavailable. First it was "personal reasons". Then Kiev. Now its a "long standing meeting with the Queen". That conduct alone is disgraceful.
  2. To miss the memorial service for one of your provincial counterparts--one you have publicly claimed as a "close friend"--is beneath her office.
  3. Hypocrisy reigns in Vice-Regal land--she spends years and millions of dollars in the name of "outreach"travel and photo-ops, but when a typically ignored province like Alberta is burying a beloved public figure, she's on vacation.
  4. She'll get away with it, all the while spending OUR money on tours, parties and other uselessness.
Look, I think the Governor General is an important part of our national identity. While mostly symbolic now, it is a link to our past and to England. I don't blame the position, I blame the current occupant.

Let's get Ms. Adrienne and her "philosopher" husband off the public public teet. I think they have had more that their fair share.

And lets get someone in there who won't be an embarassment to the government, themselves and most importantly the public.

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