Wednesday, January 12, 2005



I love to watch hackery at work.

Many of you Canadian CH readers might have read today's Toronto Star, in which former PM Chretien's lawyer stated that Justice John Gomery, who is heading up the federal sponsorship scandal, should be removed from the proceedings as he has been less than partial in his comments to the public.

Good tactic--destroy the credibility of the one who will ultimately judge your actions. I know, some of you might say that this is just a legal "genius" doing his job. And that might be true. I can see why a lawyer would call for a judge to be removed if there awas any hint that he/she was not completel impartial. But the telegraphing move, which would not be reported in any court document, is that our good friend (and Chretien mouthpiece) Warren Kinsella has been blabbing on about this for weeks on his blog. Not exactly a haven for legal strategery and case law.

If I was the Chretien team, I would make sure I undermine all aspects of the inquiry, Gomery and anything to do with the proceedings as much as possible. That way, if/when the inquiry finds that Chretien, Gagliano, et al. definitely had their hands elbow-deep in the cookie jar, the "accused" can always say "C'mon, this was rigged from the beginning".

We're dealing with people's legacy here, folks--not something former PM's take lightly.

Kudos to Team Chretien on a well executed kick to Justice Gomery's character.

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