Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Bow to thine master! Posted by Hello

I'm not usually a corporate whore (unless the money's right), but I felt compelled to mention this particular product. Part of the reason is because there has been SO much discussion on all things iPod (U2 version, mad rush at Christmas, your life has no value unless you own one, etc).

I recently received a 20GB iPod from my wifey for Valentine's Day (thanks, honey!). I have been an "MP3 dude" for a number of years, and I have been downloading, ripping and listening to electronic music for a while. I have always found that this format is perfect for me: its portable, CD quality, never really fades over time and can be enjoyed in a number of (ever growing) devices and mediums. I had a 128 MB MP3 player, which--while enjoyable--was somewhat limited.

Then iPod came into my life.

I gotta tell you--the hype is real. Since I opened the gift, I've been ripping CD's into it. A 20 GB unit can hold about 5,000 songs, which is a LOT of music. I haven't even begun to fill it up yet. But the best part is the way its formated. Using your little "wheel", you can sort and pick songs by album, artist, playlist--you name it! I have always had a tough time figuring out what I wanted to listen to. Having an MP3 player that could take about 1 hour worth of songs made me have to be very choosey on what I put into it. And having a wide range of musicI like, I had to make sure the songs I downloaded for that day were ones I wanted to listen to all day.

Not this baby. I have about 20 albums worth of songs and still have lots to go. So now I don't really have to choose.

As an added bonus, I picked up the iTrip, which is an FM transmitter for the iPod. Basically, it will play your iPod on any FM radio in the vicinity as long as its tuned into the right station (factory setting 87.9). So now, I don't have to lug around 25 CDs with me, just the ol' iPod.

Anyway, I guess I have a rockin wife. Great gift. And you don't have to apologize if you want to return that Swiffer gift set.

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