Thursday, February 03, 2005


Sorry for the sparce posting in the last few days. Work and all that.

Here's an interesting article in the Toronto Star.

It says that Ontario teachers are getting increasingly concerned about the "bullying" that parents of students are doing these days.

They say that once upon a time, teaching was seen as an honourable professions, and they never had to worry about the parents disrespecting them, yelling at them, or even physically abusing them.

Now, I don't condone violence or abuse. There's never any reason for that in this kind of a setting. But don't you think that the "parent rage" that seems to be happening in our school system has something to do with the political militancy of the teachers in Ontario?

Allow me to share a story. The year in 1999. I'm in Peterborough helping one of our MPPs get elected. I'm canvassing for them. I come to a door and this woman opens it, and I give the pitch: "Did what we said we would do", tax cuts, more jobs, etc). She's polite, but non-commital. Then she says "Uh oh. Here comes my husband. He's a teacher. He doesn't like you guys very much."

Before I had a chance to give him a brochure, he's calling me a c--ksuc--r and ordering me off his property, all while screaming obscenities. So much for political discourse.

Now--would you expect me to respect someone in that profession? Would you respect someone who runs political ads, tells your children that the Premier of the province is "evil"? Who go on strike and strand you and your children, just to prove a point?

Don't think so.

If you teachers want to be seen to be in a noble profession, they have to be noble professionals. Look like they are getting what they have been giving the Ontario public for many years.

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