Friday, February 11, 2005


I know I just said that I wasn't going to comment on the PM's testimony at Gomery and I'm not. But I think I would like to bring attention to the reaction of the Liberal caucus after Chretien's testimony.

I think this is something that could severely damage the Liberals, even fatally.

Statement of the facts:
  1. Auditor-General finds $100 Million of sponsorship funds has been misappropriated.
  2. A "mad as hell" PM Martin calls an inquiry
  3. A senior Liberal testifying agreed that the set up was not unlike "money laundering"
  4. Jean Chretien, PM at the time when the money disappeared, openly mocks the head of the Inquiry and stonewalls when asked for an explination.
  5. The Liberal caucus, led by PM Martin give Chretien a standing ovation for his testimony, saying that "he did the Liberal Party and the caucus proud".

So, the sitting PM has openly applauded a former PM who blatently fluffed off the Inquiry and its questions?

Everyone is talking about the general contempt that Chretien showed for the Inquiry during his testimony. The FIBerals applauded that.

The Toronto Sun gets it:

"If you want to know Paul Martin's real attitude toward the Gomery inquiry -- which he set up to get to the bottom of the sponsorship scandal -- forget about his respectful demeanour on the witness stand yesterday.

And ask yourself what he was doing leading the cheers and a standing ovation for Jean Chretien inside the Liberal caucus room the day before.

This after Chretien had thumbed his nose at the inquiry and displayed his contempt for the entire process! "

I think, if the Opposition can run with it, this event will prove hugely disasterous for the FIBerals. Remember the outrage last year when Adscam first broke? Well, only one of two things can explain FIBeral MP's reaction yesterday:

  1. They were lying when they said they were upset.
  2. They believe Chretien's version of events.

Either way, for the contempt they too have shown the Canadian taxpayer, they deserved to get dumped.

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