Friday, February 18, 2005


So sad when you hear about something like this.

Firstly, its a poinient reminder (as if we needed one) of how vindictive and S.O.B. our former PM is. Nothing like shooting your rival in the leg on the way out the door.

Secondly, this reality really flies in the face of how Parties are branded versus reality. We all know that the FIBerals love to think of themselves as the Party of "da little guy" and the the CPC are just a bunch of corporate shills.

But the reality is that the FIBerals are the ones that are hurting thanks to the near-ban on corporate donations. The Conservatives are relying--as they have in the past--on individual donations of lesser amounts.

Sounds more "little guy" than the FIBs to me.

Reason #321 that "Mr Dithers" won't call an election anytime soon.

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