Sunday, February 20, 2005


The Rt. Hon. Bugsley R. Bunny Posted by Hello

I've had this discussion with numerous friends and colleagues.

Which cartoon character would make the best Prime Minister (or President)?

My vote is for Bugs Bunny. Why? Firstly, because he's highly entertaining. That goes without saying. And he's more than happy to stroll on his merry little way, working hard and not being a bother to anyone in particular. Warner Brothers themselves describe him as having "quick wit, brash resourcefulness, and boisterous independence".

Can't say that about our current PM.

Now, get Bugs mad and we all know you're in for an ass whuppin'. Elmer Fudd? The Black Knight? Yosemite Sam? Marvin the Martian? Wile E. Coyote? All have felt the bitter sting of a tussle with Mr. Bunny.

As the Looney Tunes website points out:

"The gregarious but truly lovable Bugs Bunny always wins, no matter who he's battling, and no matter what the situation. No bully is too big, no hypocrite safe, no pompous adversary so powerful, that Bugs can't joyfully whittle him down to kindling wood."

Sounds like just the kind of leader Canada needs.

Your vote, please.

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