Thursday, February 17, 2005


THIS is crap.

A 15-year old asks a question about spending of taxpayers dollars and he gets tossed out of a tour of Rideau Hall? Garbage.

To be fair, the Office of the GG has stated that they will issue and apology, but I believe it should come from none other that Princess Adrienne herself.

Now, I don't think this situation will scar the kid for life, but I do believe it is an accurate reflection on the general disdain that the GG, her office and the government have for Canadian taxpayers as a whole: "Listen, we know what's good for you, so you need to show some respect! Don't you know the Governor General has been to Nunavut three times?? What have you done?"

When will Canadians start demanding the same respect from their government?

UPDATE: As if we needed any more proof that the GG reads CH, I give you this.

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