Monday, March 14, 2005


The "Hip-Hop Violinist" Posted by Hello

Okay. I know that classical music is in danger of getting old, but it is the general foundation of music as we know it. I also know that hip-hop is influencing almost every aspect of our culture today.

But when there are two such entities, does it mean we have to bring them together?

Behold Miri Ben-Ari , the "Hip-Hop violinist". She's arranged and performed string arrangements on various rap singles (and you thought it was all just drum machines and computers), but I heard/saw her new song/video "Sunshine In the Rain" and it was just bizarre.

She is to hip-hop videos what Ashley MacIssac is/was to alternative/punk music and videos. I'm sure she's very talented, but its just weird seeing some chick with a violin walking around all "street".

To quote Cedric tha Entertainer in Be Cool: "That ain't gangsta!"

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