Friday, March 04, 2005


Christine Blizzard has an interesting column in today's edition of the Toronto Sun.

In it, she talks about the Bill that made changes made to requisite statues to remove all reference to marriage being between "a man and a woman". This Bill was put forward to the Legislative Assembly to conform with existing law.

The law was supposed to be passed by a voice vote (i.e. unanimous consent), so there wasn't an actual recorded vote on it.

That's not what interests me.

What interests me is the Liberals Blizzard tracked down to find out how they would have voted:

Mario Racco, Thornhill: Wasn't in the Legislature, "I was not on duty at the time. I would not have been supportive of the legislation," he told me in a telephone interview. "I have constituents who are significantly offended. I also have some concerns with it." Racco said it's not a religious issue for him. "I am very open-minded. I don't have any problem with people being homosexual or lesbian or whatever the case might be. There are a number of colleagues of mine who belong to those groups I mentioned. I certainly don't have any problem working with them, eating with them, co-operating with them, doing everything I would do with anybody else."

Lorenzo Berardinetti, Scarborough Southwest:"I would have voted against the bill. In my view it was premature to bring it forward pending what the feds are doing with the issue."
Berardinetti didn't stand for a recorded vote, because he understood there was all party agreement for a voice vote.

Mario Sergio, York West: "Were it not a voice vote, I would have voted against it. I am a practising Christian and I feel very strongly about the family union. We can't have a family between a man and and another man or a woman and another woman ..."
Sergio added he has no problem extending other benefits to gays, but, "on marriage, I disagree."

Khalil Ramal, London Fanshawe: Refused to comment when I asked where he stood. He said he was in London the day of the vote.

Kim Craitor, Niagara Falls: "I am opposed to the bill."

Nothing like trained seals standing up for their principles.

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