Saturday, March 19, 2005


I'll probably have some fellow Conservatives tossing some angry e-mails my way, but I frankly don't care. I want to speak on this issue.

Many people, news stations, radio talk shows and columnists have been talking about Terry Schiavo. She is the severely brain-damaged 41-year old Florida woman who is the subject of major controversy in the States and across the globe.

Yesterday, doctors removed her feeding tube at the request of her husband. This is a fight that has been going on for the last 10 years between her husband and Terry's parents.

Mrs. Schiavo is in a persistent "vegetative state" and cannot eat on her own, take care of herself or communicate verbally. According to medical experts, removal of the feeding tube will cause her no discomfort in her current state.

The U.S. Congress--led by Christian Republicans--decided to join the fray by issuing a subpoena for Mr. Schiavo and Terry's caregivers, ordering them to appear before Congress. I guess this was supposed to buy them more time to figure out what to do next to stop Terry from dying of starvation.

Religious groups have also taken up the "cause" and have been "symbolically smuggling food and water" to Terry while holding vigils and protests outside her house.

I think what the U.S. Congress is doing is absolutely wrong.

What place does this body--or frankly anyone else--have in this situation? There is no living will, which is a shame. The last wishes of Mrs. Schiavo can never completely be known. But her husband has said that she did not want to be kept artificially alive.

That should be enough.

The fact that a political body is trying to use legal and legislative procedures to interfere in this family's situation is unacceptable to me.

They have no right to tell dictate how and when someone dies.

What about Mrs. Schiavo's right to die with dignity?

What about her right to a quality of life?

If the marital bond has the weight Republicans say it does, why will they not respect the wishes of the husband?

All this crap about Tom Delay saying that the husband is just doing this becuase he wants to marry his "girlfriend" is preposterous. How would Tom Delay know? Does he know the family? Is he involved in their daily lives?

Will any of these Republicans be around to care for Mrs. Schiavo if their bid to "save her" is successful?

I believe in limited government. And this is exactly why. The goverment has no right to tell me when I can end my life. And if I'm not able to do it,I trust my family (especially my wife) to do what's best for me. Not the government.

No government or group (religious or otherwise) should be telling me how to parent my kids.

Or how to live my life. Or my family's.

Tolerance goes both ways, folks. I respect your right to your religious beliefs, but you don't impose those same beliefs on me--or anyone else. You have every right to be upset about what is happening in Florida. But you have no right to interfere.

And this isn't about religion. Its about respect for the privacy and sanctity of this family. I am just as vehament that disabled rights groups, etc don't interfere in the situation either.

This is Terry and her husband's situation. It is between them, their beliefs and their God.

Everyone else should just butt out.

Including me.

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