Tuesday, March 15, 2005


My god, we need to give the FIBerals at Queen's Park more to do.

Anonymous seal and FIB MPP Lorenzo Berardinetti has decided to tackle one of the greatest injustices facing Ontario today. An area of discrimination that makes us the subject of ridicule from the UN to human rights tribunals across the globe.

He wanted to make sure men pay the same price from drycleaning as women do.

I'm not lying--you can read the full story HERE.

So let me get this straight: we have a crumbling health care system, taxes up the wazoo, a "so-called" $5B deficit, lack of infrastructure, school strife and farmers being brought to their knees and this doughhead wants to solve the "gender gap" at Holt Renfrew?

Pass the air sickness bag.

Besides being a huge waste of time, how will this work? Who's going to police it?

Are the FIBs going to set up a Gender Pricing Equality Board? Will this truly begin the era of "fashion police"? Will then need to be fabulous? And who is on quality control? Will their been an enforcement matrix?

Picture it now:

FASHIONISTA SARGEANT: "Hmmm...... 20% polyester blend against a 100% cotton weave. He's clean. Let's roll, Jim."

FASHIONISTA PRIVATE: "You were lucky this time, Mr. Rosen. But we're watching you, you overpricing bastard!"

And are you telling me that I will pay the same price for my haircut ($13 for a shaved dome) as my wife does for her hairstyling ($100 if she's lucky)?

Trust me--if this nanny state crap every was passed (and with Dalton's FIBs I wouldn't be surpised) prices will go up, not down.

You might be wondering why Mr. Berardinetti decided to raise the silk flag to fight for women's pocketbooks. Was it his sense of equality? Too much Dr. Phil? Is he tired of seeing his wife pay twice the price for leg waxing that he does?

There's a simple answer:

He got married last year.

UPDATE: Looks like Angry In the Great White North is as p-o'd at this colossal waste of time as I am.

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