Monday, April 04, 2005


His Holiness Posted by Hello

I'm not usually one to give up the right to run my yap, but I think my fellow blogger Adam Daifallah said it best about the passing of Pope John Paul. I'll let him take it from here:

"Along with Ronald Reagan, the American labour movement (yes, they were pro-freedom at that time) and the CIA (whose then-director, William Casey, the Pope regularly met with in secret) John Paul II helped bring revolution to his native land, which kickstarted the collapse of the Iron Curtain across Eastern Europe. John Paul spoke out against violators of freedom the world over through the entire course of his papacy. Because of that he will not only go down as one of the key religious leaders of modern times but also as one of the most important political ones. He was a liberator, a visionary, and a statesman.

Let us never forget his immense contribution in bringing human rights, freedom, and democracy to the world's oppressed peoples."

Well said.

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