Monday, April 11, 2005


"Can you believe this crap? This sucks." Posted by Hello

I know, I know. 36% in the polls nationally, 40% is Ontario. Break out the champagne. But before we start speculating on who will get which Cabinet post, or what Minister you'll be sending your CV to, I think a more thorough look at those EKOS numbers are warranted.

The numbers are impressive, no doubt. We haven't been this popular, since, well, a pretty friggin long time. And we're positively giddy.

But that doesn't mean we should fly headlong into an election. Herewith are CH's top 3 reasons that we should NOT call an election in the immediate future:

  1. 62 per cent of those polled thought an election shouldn't take place until a report is issued from Gomery later this year. Almost 2/3 of Canadians feel that we should wait to get the whole story. That means we are open to FIBeral lines like "These are only allegations" and "We need to see what Justice Gomery reports". Its not like Gomery is going to be soft on these boys. Why do you think FIBeral blowhard Warring Kinsella has been wetting himself trying to discredit him?
  2. A plurality--37 per cent--called Adscam "no worse than other government scandals". Now, I know "other scandals" are the $1 Billion gun registry, HRDC, etc , BUT it shows that people are seeing this as "business as usual". There seems to be no real suprise here that the FIBs are wasting our money.
  3. The number one area of interest for Canadians are "social issues". Fiscal issues were deemed as least important. How long do you think it will be until the debate turns into one about abortion, same sex marriage and health care? About 5 seconds. I think it will be extremely difficult to keep talking about Gomery for 36 days.

Combine those facts with the BC provincial election, the Queen's visit and that Gomery still has a number of other witnesses to go, I see no reason to go right away. I'd wait until the end of May, see where the numbers are and make a decision.

We can use that time to tell Canadians concretely where we stand and what a Conservative government would look like--and act like.

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