Tuesday, June 21, 2005


... by Ontario PC Leader John Tory's quote in the Toronto Star on Saturday about the recent Supreme Court of Canada decision on health care reform?

"I think that while we'll have the discussion, because we're having a discussion about lots of things inside the party, if you ask me my prediction, I will say there will be lots of ways in which our health-care policy will attempt to challenge the status quo, but I'm not sure it'll be heading off in that direction (two tiers). I'm pretty certain it won't. Again, we have a process that's got a year yet to unfold. We're listening to all kinds of people, but I don't think we're heading there."

Obviously, as the Leader (and more importantly as a member of the Party), Mr. Tory is entitled to his views and should obviously espouse where he thinks the Party should go.

But on an issue of fundamental importance, such as health care, I'm suprised (and somewhat concerned) that he's effectively ruling out an option--before its even debated by Party members!

This "option" that Mr. Tory is referring to has the support of 70% of the electorate in Canada. I think the public is ahead of the political leadership in this country. This could be a way to capture that sentiment and be an agent of (positive) change. And Tory is not someone that the FIBs will easily be able to paint as a foaming, right wing zealot. Who better to lead that charge?

I truly hope this is not a sign of things to come.

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