Thursday, July 14, 2005


Are spam blockers better better, or are spammers getting dumber?

I have noticed lately that the spam I get on my free e-mail are getting more and more obvious. Take a look at this short list (I get 20 or 30 eveey couple of days) of e-mails I received today. I have included the name and the subject that it displayed for each (I never open e-mails unless I know who sent them).

Inanest V. Spicier "Pleased to meet you!"

Clairol U. Auspiciously "cheapset supreman pills without psrecription"

Frying D. Contumely "Try oem today and save your meony"

And, of course we get those of the porn variety:

"Stephan" "Fresh and innocent expose their secrets"

"Samantha" "jg-Smooth mature babe baring all."

I guess spam filters must be working, because in the early days of the internet, I (and a lot of my friends and family) got nailed by spam that looked like an authentic e-mail.

Nowadays, its getting ridiculous. "Frying D. Contumely"? What kind of a name is that? Not that I'm not thankful, mind you. I don't have to worry so much about trojan viruses and the like. Instead, spam is more of a nuisance, rather than a threat.

Ah, the wonders of the electronic age.

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