Thursday, July 21, 2005


I'm happy that I finally have a chance to vent on this subject.

As you might or might not have heard, a wee controversy has sprung up in the States due to a recent visit by a championship NorthWestern University girls lacrosse team to the White House.

Yeah, so what? Nothing out of the ordinary. Until this photo was taken:

A Flip Flopping White House?Posted by Picasa

Look down. As you can see, a number of the ladies are wearing flip flops. Apparently, the picture was posted on the teams website and a brother of one of the players e-mailed her demanding to know: "YOU WORE FLIP FLOPS TO THE WHITE HOUSE?"

Indeed. It seems the team's visit has now opened up the debate around whether flip flops can be "dressy" or are they just a casual, comfortable shoe.

Allow the Hipster to weigh in, if you please.

Now, I should lay out my qualifications here. I'm not the typical male who thinks Ann Taylor is the mother of three members of Duran Duran and black is still and always will be the new black.

My mother, sister and wife are all have PhDs in "shoeology", with a minor is handbaggery. I know what all the fuss around Manolo Blahnik (See? Correct spelling) is about.

I like flip flops. They're great in the summer and look good on the ladies.

HOWEVER, I take serious issue with the way they are beginning to creep into the ol' office.

Memo to the gals: Flip flops are not business attire!

They don't go with that summer dress you wear to work!

And they certainly shouldn't be worn to the White House, for god's sake!


In my office (as corporate as it gets) most of the admin staff wear flip flops. We're talking full toe exposure, no backing, and that WONDERFUL flopping sound up and down the halls all day. Some of them are wearing straight-up fresh-off-the-beach sandals. Thanks for making the effort.

And I gotta tell you gals, it looks seriously unprofessional. For most guys I see in the office, its a full suit with tie in 33 degree weather. I buck the trend and usually go tieless in the summer. If you work in an environment that promotes a causal work environment, fine. But I see ladies who obviously work in the heart of Corporate Canada walking around like they're on the Riviera. Who are you, Paris Hilton?

I know ladies' dress shoes are NOT made for comfort. I get that. And I know (especially in Canada these days) the heat is almost unbearable. But c'mon, girls. I know you know how to look good.

Just ditch the flip flops.

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