Thursday, July 28, 2005


When my wife and I moved out to Mississauga, maybe I should have spend more time looking at who would represent us in Ottawa. I'm not sure it would have affected the ultimate decision on which neighbourhood we moved into, but I could have at least been more emotionally prepared.
As many longtime CH readers will know, my local Member of Parliament is Carolyn Parrish. For some strange reason, she thinks that positioning herself as the ultimate "peacenik" in Canada will win her points in her constituency. Not sure why, given that Mississauga Erindale seems generally representative of suburban Ontario. Not exactly the epicentre of the international peace movement.

Nevertheless, she's decided to spout off--again--on Canada's role in Afghanistan. Daimnation! has been following this as well.

Apparently, Ms. Parrish fell asleep a while back and she's jsut waking up from her slumber. If she bothered to do ANY research before opening up her piehole, she'd know she is completely misinformed. It took me about 5 seconds to search the DND website to find out exactly what we're doing in Afghanistan.

We're peacekeeping!

From DND:

"Operation ARCHER

In July 2005, a Theatre Activation Team of about 220 personnel from the Canadian Forces Joint Operations Group based in Kingston arrived in Kandahar to provide the support and install the infrastructure necessary for the arrival of the PRT.

Under Operation ARCHER, the Canadian contribution to Operation ENDURING FREEDOM, the PRT will reinforce the authority of the Afghan government in and around Kandahar and help stabilize and rebuild the region. It will also help monitor security, promote Afghan government policies and priorities with local authorities, and facilitate security sector reforms."

What's changed? We're looking for terrorists while making sure the country doesn't fall apart. Have been since 2003! Nothing has changed!

And Parrish is getting herself all worked up because we're extending the mission.

I know Parrish and those of her generation are dying for another Vietnam so she can protest on the streets, sing folk songs and spend time thinking of witty protest slogans "1,2,3,4....don't spend my taxes in Kandahar", but this ain't it.

Unfortunately, all the media coverage is just going to spurn her on. That means more of her useless, ignorant diatribes on things most Canadian support.

Why can't I have a nameless, invisible MP that just votes with the government and sends me a glossy quarterly newsletter? Or at least someone who mouths off about important issues?

Come back, John Nunziata--all is forgiven.

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