Thursday, July 07, 2005


A dark day for London and for the world.

As of time of writing this post, it looks like terrorist attacks have claimed the lives of 43 innocent civilians. Where I work has a London office, but it looks like everyone is accounted for, which is a relief.

Once again, it looks like terrorists are looking to disturb our way of life. And when I say "our way" I mean those who do not practice extremism, whether they be North American, African, European, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, whatever.

This is a time for the world to again show their resolve to stand against those looking to disrupt and paralyze the citizens of the free world. And again, we must show those people that they will do no such thing.

However, I'm waiting to see how the various G8-related protest movements react to what has happened in London.

Will they continue the protests?

Will they have a moment(s) of silence out of respect for those killed?

Here in Canada, will hey continue ahead with their protest on Parliament Hill?

I'm not implying they don't care--I'm sure they do. And they might feel that the protest itself is the most profound demonstration of democracy and freedom.

But at a time like this, what is more important? Voicing the same concerns that have been repeated endlessly in the media during various G8 protests, or putting aside political differences and standing with the world to condemn a barbaric attack on innocents?

Let me repeat to you to you the same phrase I've heard so many times to the G8 leaders over the last few weeks: the world is watching.

Update: Looks like Angry in The Great White North in thinking the same thing (although I'm not so sure about his conclusions in his posting title)

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